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The Cluj subsidiary of IPA SA was created in 1976 and carries out R&D activities in the field of industrial automation, applied informatics and sensors / complex measurement systems. In these fields we have an experience of over 40 years, results in projects and a quality of service offered in time to out partners.

Provides professional training and entrepreneurial development services to legal and physical clients.

Insures services for economical clients in the fields of planning and creating:
  complex SCADA systems (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), supervising hydro technical dams, management of electric energy for big consumers, green energy
  photovoltaic systems including components delivery
  IT applications in medicine, databases, imaging processing.

Provides partnership services in research and development projects.

The subsidiary has a technologicy transfer center (TTC). The center has adequate logistics (spaces, equipment, simulation and testing stations, PC networks and connections to the Internet) and has a qualified personnel and specialists for technological transfer, R&D, small production, training and consultancy.

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