Government Programs

Projects co-financed by European Social Fund through "Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013 Invest in people!":

  Learn Automation SOPHRD/90/2.1/S/64051

  Increase human capital performance premise for increasing organizational information SOPHRD/77/3.2/A/49763

  Promoting entrepreneurial culture in tourism in Oltenia region POSDRU/28/3.1/G/15844

  Pilot integrated center for initiating and supporting businesses in order to increase Romanian economic competitiveness in terms of EU accession and sustainable development POSDRU/9/3.1/S/1

  DACIE – Entrepreneurial Development for Competitiveness through Innovation and Efficiency POSDRU/92/3.1/S/48309

  Entrepreneurial and managerial skills development in Romanian innovative SMEs zone for national and transnational partnerships training and promotion POSDRU/92/3.1/S/63922